Courageous Coaching

Having conversations that matter

The climate, environmental and biodiversity crises are the greatest challenges facing humanity

  • Are you a coach who wants to make a difference by supporting leaders and organizations to navigate these crises but are unsure how best to do that?
  • Are you wondering how to resource yourself and your coaching clients to work with the enormity and complexity of these issues, especially when the pace of change is so fast?
  • Are you curious to understand what may be stopping you and your clients from having these conversations?

If you are a coach and would like to explore and co-create with other coaches how best to do this challenging work, then this course may be for you.


Download the course brochure here

How can we as coaches better engage to face the most important challenges of our time?

Drawing on an ecology of practices from nature, wisdom traditions, the attitudes of mindfulness and neuroscience this course supports you as a coach, to deepen your own inner work, and also invites you to cultivate curiosity, compassion, and courage, foundational traits for doing this work.

“As coaches we need to do our own inner work before we invite our clients to do theirs.”

These practices will also support your coaching clients with their inner work, to more effectively engage in difficult conversations without succumbing to overwhelm. Integrating personal development and systemic frameworks we invite participants to experiment with and co-create pathways together to better support clients to engage with these challenges.


Who is this course for?

It’s for internal and external coaches who wish to step into their power, encourage clients to do the same, and have conversations that matter. Coaches are invited on a journey of discovery over five months and to challenge their habitual ways of thinking, acting and being (and coaching!).

Dates: All sessions are on Wednesdays on Zoom – 14:00 – 17:00 BST / IST

2022 February 9th  Session 1;  March 2nd Session 2; March 23rd Session 3; April 13th  Session 4; May 11th Session 5; June 1st Session 6  


Including course materials, support emails, and peer coaching the Early Bird price extended to Jan 28th – is €445 and the full price is €550 (booking received from Jan. 29th). If cost is a barrier to your participation, please contact us. Our intention is to make this programme available to coaches drawn to do this work.

To register or make further enquiries please contact:

Grattan Donnelly  |  T: +353(0)86 225 2737  |  E:

Download the course brochure here